Paid Social Services


Data-guided paid social, creative campaigns that grab attention

Guided by data, we build highly creative paid social campaigns

We build our paid social campaigns from the ground up, setting strong foundations in audience data before we even begin. Using social listening, industry research and persona development, we create thumb-stopping creative content that is tailored to your customers. And, we never stop building – through ongoing reporting, refining and redesigning, our campaigns continue to grow and align with your long term goals.

We deliver targeted campaigns that talk directly to consumers

“We have a passion for understanding our client's target audiences”

Our Expertise

We build ads that creatively engage with your audiences:

Campaign Creation
Multilayered Campaign Structures
Bespoke & Data Enriched
Responsive Campaign Development
Precise Targeting
Behaviourable Audience Analysis
Innovative and Agile Targeting
Tailored Creative and Copy
Unified Channels
Cross-Channel Strategy
Multi-Platform Audience Sharing
CRM Integration
Detailed Tracking & Attribution
Transparent Performance Reports
Continuous Optimisation
We are a multi award winning agency with many certified partnerships.
Why TEDevelopers Technical SEO is the foundation of any website ?
We use a wide range of email marketing techniques for continuous nurturing of customers across all stages of the sales funnel in B2C and B2B industries.

TEDevelopers have won the prestigious award for Best Integrated Content Campaign at the EU Content Awards 2020 with their campaign for Equinox Kombucha. The email marketing strategy behind the campaign included buyer persona development, marketing automation workflows and engaging messaging personalised to various audiences.