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SEO website migration agency based in US, EGYPT

Seamless website migration to ensure a successful launch

As the co-founders of Deepcrawl, a pioneer in enterprise cloud-based web crawling solutions, technical SEO is at the heart of everything we do. We offer seamless website migration services, ensuring optimum crawlability, speed, responsiveness, navigational experience, and accessibility of your website.

We understand that launching a new website can be daunting. When it comes to migrating a website, there are many complexities involved and mismanaged website migration can be detrimental to your organic performance.

At TEDevelopers, our experienced and committed technical SEO team will ensure your website launch goes smoothly, helping you see an increase in traffic and offering technical guidance until certain your migration is successful.

EU Search Awards

2017 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency & Best PPC Campaign

US Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency​

Egypt Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Use of SEO B2B


Our Approach to Website Migration

Our technical team will provide clear project requirements, a detailed pre-migration specification and offer post-release migration support.

Premigration services

Benchmarking: We set up benchmarking in order to see how the current site it performing to then use this data to measure improvements post-migration. This includes: rankings monitoring, current top site pages & queries identification, site speed, review javascript crawling, mobile setup, structured data, pagination and sitemaps.

Platform audit: We will complete an in-detail technical audit using specialist tools. We will then provide a clear and prioritised SEO roadmap detailing all recommended fixes, potential quick win SEO fixes and clear specifications on how to implement recommended fixes.

One to one mappings: It is essential that URLs are mapped to the correct locations, so our team will carry out one to one mappings to ensure this.

Launch day services

Sitemap crawls: Our technical team will force sitemap crawls on all legacy URLs; this will ensure fast redirect processing from Google.

Test live redirects: We will test all live redirects to ensure they are returning the expected response codes, and communicate any redirect issues to the developers.

Monitor potential user experience issues: We will monitor all potential user experience issues and send alerts to the relevant teams.

Post-launch services

Continuous monitoring: Our team will continuously monitor Search Console for error messages from Google.

Test redirects: We will keep testing redirects and communicating any issues we may find.

Rankings analysis: We will perform ranking analysis to identify any priority pages that may need attention.

KPI report: We will complete a project KPI report to share with you and task team.

SEO consultancy support: You have the opportunity to ask questions or request SEO recommendation advice.

Additional Services:
We are a multi award winning agency with many certified partnerships.
Why SEO Migration Services?
Experience crawling millions of URLs

At TEDevelopers, our senior team have significant experience working on large-scale website migration projects, and have the ability to crawl millions of URLs and complex facet structures.

In addition to the many leading third party technologies we invest in, we have also developed several bespoke SEO technologies that set us apart from other agencies and help us deliver the most efficient and data-driven site migration services.

We have worked on complex website migration projects such as website portfolios that have been consolidated such as 60 local websites being migrated into one parent site. Additionally a project that involved TEDevelopers providing migration support on over 100+ websites that were replatformed.

In 2019, TEDevelopers was awarded Best Use of Search in B2B at the US Search Awards for our work with global IT communications provider, Arkadin. The project involved the migration of over 38 international websites, a highly effective content and link acquisition strategy and exceeded the priority objectives on the account.

Why TEDevelopers Keyword research?
We use a wide range of email marketing techniques for continuous nurturing of customers across all stages of the sales funnel in B2C and B2B industries.

TEDevelopers have won the prestigious award for Best Integrated Content Campaign at the EU Content Awards 2020 with their campaign for Equinox Kombucha. The email marketing strategy behind the campaign included buyer persona development, marketing automation workflows and engaging messaging personalised to various audiences.